Can internal civil disobedience wake up the gig mindset culture?

Listen to this episode about the power of civil disobedience inside an organization (11:36)

Peaceful protest in a large organization

This episode is about peaceful protests in a context where people want to change the way they work inside a very large organization.

I talked with an engineer who works in a global industrial enterprise headquartered in Europe. He and his colleagues wanted to find a way to bring visibility to new ways of working and emphasize the importance of flexibility and not getting fixed on one method or another method they’d put into place, a large social network, and people were talking about their projects.

Two mindsets: Where do you stand?

I’ll tell you about the two mindsets – traditional and gig – to the background of a beautiful waltz and a dynamic boogie.

If you want to do the full survey, contact me and I’ll open a personalized online link for you. You can share the link with other people in your organization and you can then get together as a group and see how your answers compare. That’ll certainly stimulate some interesting conversations.

+ Click here to discover 8 behaviors of two very different mindsets.

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Talking about…

  • Peaceful protest and triggering awareness
  • Waking up senior management
  • Waltzing or doing the boogie?
  • Where do you stand?


I start this episode with a real story about a guy who woke up senior management by creating a moment of live action that brought him out of his office.


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