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Florence Devouard on a mission for open knowledge
Episode 8. Florence Devouard, Wikipedia pioneer for 19 years and 2nd Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation following Jimmy Wales, talks to us about her life, her work in Africa – especially with young people in schools, and about how having a gig mindset has helped shape her sense of identity as an open knowledge advocate.
How can you make learning come alive?
Episode 7. Sanofi has developed an original learning strategy based on three principles: Learn, Apply, Share. It starts with the person and finishes with the organization. It is a powerful way to blend the ambitions of gig-mindset oriented people with the ambitions of the organization.
How to facilitate diversity and inclusion?
Episode 6. Living diversity and inclusion inside Decathlon, a global organization. Starting with yourself and including the world around you. See how teams around the world are making this happen. This is an outstanding example of global collaboration and local specialization.
How to win a race that has no finish line?
Episode 5. A resilient person or organization can get through a crisis once, but proactive resilience is a way of thinking and acting that makes you ready for whatever happens. The gig mindset is a large part of it.
How does Velcro management build flexibility and readiness?
Episode 4. Velcro management lets you take advantage of the unique skills people in your organization have without being hampered by traditional rules or hierarchy. See how BlueShore Financial optimizes the people experience.
Willful blindness: what and why?
Episode 3. The gig mindset is often resisted by management. In order to combat it, we need to start with first understanding what's going on.
Can internal civil disobedience wake up the gig mindset culture?
Episode 2. Peaceful protests and awareness in a very large organization, and how traditional and gig mindsets are so different.
What is the bold new breed? Why is it important?
Episode 1. The gig mindset strengthens people and makes the organization itself stronger. Find out why and how in The Bold New Breed podcast.