The Community

Bold New Breed

Gig mindsetters, nonconformists and unconventional employees interacting, reinventing and investing in the present and the future

  • Who are the members?

    Members are people who are part of the bold new breed of gig mindsetters, non-conformists and unconventional employees. They are motivated to bring change, within themselves, inside their organizations and in the world.

    They are unconventional in their behaviors and thinking. They dare to challenge the status quo. They take initiatives and assume responsibility. They often make people around them uncomfortable. The often bring unrecognized but essential value to their organization or their personal context. They strengthen proactive resilience, so important in times of constant change.



    Bold New Breed Community is a private space, open by invitation only. It is a place of trust and confidentiality. Members do not share – in any form – the stories, conversations and comments that take place here.

    After reading this page, you can visit the home page of the community and click the Request to Join button. Or you can use the Contact page here to request membership.

  • Why Should You Join ?

    To meet, interact and share with like-minded people in topic circles or in regular, private Zoom sessions.
    Zoom sessions are arranged on specific topics among members and sometimes with external guests.
    Topic circles let you share experiences, ask questions and interact around the questions below:

    What challenges do you as a gig mindsetter face? What motivates you?

    What leadership (if any) is needed to bring change?

    What stories, use cases and practices will help influence people around you?

    How can HR reinvent itself?

    How can you facilitate learning & development for yourself and for others?

    What personal future can you as a gig mindsetter build, inside or outside an organization? What risks and opportunities do you see?

    There’s an open circle in the Topics where you can ask anything: What do you want to explore? Ask the community a question.