Gig mindsetters, nonconformists

and unconventional individuals


with Jane McConnell of NetJMC

  • What is the Bold New Breed?

    A bold new breed of employee is emerging today – the gig mindsetters. The gig mindset is at the edge of how people and organizations are evolving today.

    The gig mindset is a new breed because it combines a salaried employee status with freelance gig worker behaviors. They are salaried employees, but they don’t work at all like traditional employees

    They challenge the status quo, discover new ways of working, and develop their own skills and expertise while advancing the goals of the organization.

  • What is this Podcast about?

    This podcast focuses on people and organizations. It is based on data from global research and stories from people who are part of the bold new breed. It covers three dimensions: individual people, organizations and society as a whole.

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Why is the bold new breed important?

The Bold New Breed Podcast

Episodes are 20 to 30 minutes.

I interview people around the world who are living a gig mindsetter reality or who are building gig mindset work cultures in their organization. We talk about both individual and organizational perspectives.

I invite you to get in touch and share your experiences with me and maybe join me on an episode.

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